Café Bazar - Coffee House in Salzburg

The café for artists, poets and thinkers in the festival city of Salzburg

The Café Bazar is a historic place with many stories to tell. In the heart of the City of Mozart, Salzburg, its unique charm attracts guest from Salzburg and the world over. Not only the view of the historic city centre of Salzburg from the patio of the cafe is a unique experience: the delicious breakfast served all day; the Austrian specialities; and the huge variety of sweet temptations and coffee specialities combine to make a visit to the Café Bazar a unique experience.

Experience Austrian Café Culture at its highest level in the City center of Salzburg - one of the most beautiful cities of the world.

Coffee house with history - Café Bazar in Salzburg (Picture credits: archiv of the Salzburger Festival / Photo Ellinger)

A place of history

From its very first days the Café Bazar has been a meeting point for artists, poets and thinkers: Marlene Dietrich, Max Reinhardt, legendary founder of the Salzburg Festival, Hugo von Hoffmannsthal and also current celebrities of the Salzburg Festival as Cäcilia Bartoli, Rolando Villazon,  Birgit Minichmayr, Klaus Maria Brandauer, etc.

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Good food and drinks in Salzburg - Café Bazar culinary

Lunch Specials

An advantage for the guests of the Café Bazar: the husband of your hostess, Evelyn Brandstätter, brandishes the cooking spoon as award winning head chef at the 4-star Hotel Gasthof Brandstätter in Salzburg. He is also responsible for many of the treats that are served in the Café Bazar - as e.g. the lunch specials.

Lunchtime specials
Coffee house in Salzburg - Café Bazar terrace


Centrally located, on the right bank of the river Salzach, with a fantastic view of the historic city centre of Salzburg. Spires and church steeples, proud town houses and above all the mighty fortress Hohen Salzburg. Experience Austrian Café Culture combined with a stunning view.

Coffee house in Salzburg - Café Bazar terrace