Lunchtime specials at the Café Bazar

Daily changing lunch menu with a stunning view of Salzburg's historic city

For many businessmen, entrepreneurs and employees of the offices and shops of the city centre of Salzburg, the changed daily lunchtime special offers at the Café Bazar offer a pleasant change. Enjoy the inexpensive lunchtime specials at the Café Bazar during weekdays, consisting of a delicious soup and a tasty main dish. Quick and inexpensive – for work is calling.

Lunchtime specials at the Café Bazar

  • A different main dish every day.
  • Soup and main dish
  • Lunch from Euro 8,90.

WEEK’S LUNCH SPECIALS 04th of March 2019 - 10th of March 2019

  • Monday, 04th of March 2019
    Baked escalope of turkey with ham and cheese stuffed, parsley potato € 14,90
  • Tuesday, 05th of March 2019
    Roasted dumplings with egg, salad € 9,90
  • Wednesday, 06th of March 2019

    Baked cod fish with potato salad € 13,90

  • Thursday, 07th of March 2019
    Spinach pot dumplings with brown butter and Parmesan € 11,90
  • Friday, 08th of March 2019
    Pepper chicken with buttered small dumplings € 13,90

It is no secret among true Salzburgians and guests in the city that a lunchtime meal at the Austrian Café Bazar in Salzburg is simply delicious. Look forward to enjoying a delicious meal for lunch on the patio with its fantastic view of the historic city centre or in the traditional café atmosphere of the Café Bazar.

Delicious lunchtime specials at the Café Bazar Salzburg – new every week

Take a look at the wide range of constantly changing lunchtime specials available at the Café Bazar.